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Linda Yueh

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China's economic growth has transformed the country from one of the poorest in the world to its second largest economy. Understanding the drivers of growth remains elusive as the country is affected by both its transition from central planning and the challenges of a developing country. This book examines the main determinants of growth, offering micro level evidence to shed light on the macro drivers of the economy. It also explores how China could evolve in the coming decades. Purchase information can be found at Oxford University Press or Amazon. A Chinese version is available from CITIC Press in Beijing,

This is the third of a trilogy of books on the Chinese economy. The other two are found below. China's Growth focuses on what has and will drive economic growth in the reform period and going forward. Enterprising China examines the development of the market and specifically how businesses have developed and fared within the economic and legal environment. The Economy of China is an overview of economic development and the policies that have helped to transform the world's most populous nation.



Business, economic and legal developments are closely linked in China. This book anayses those linkages during the reform period and looks ahead to the development of business in the future. Each chapter reviews a key aspect of the business environment: state-owned enterprises, township and village enterprises, private Chinese firms and foreign firms operating in China. It includes 12 original case studies of businesses operating in China, including Haier, Nokia, national oil companies, and many other domestic and foreign firms. 

Purchase information can be found at Oxford University Press or at Amazon.


The emergence of China since 1979 has been a hallmark in the global economy, not only in the past but also in this century. This comprehensive book provides an analytical but accessible view of the remarkable economic development of what is probably the most exciting economy in the world. It is an award-winning bookA Choice Outstanding Academic Book for 2011

Details and purchase information can be found here on the publisher's website or from Amazon.


Critical Concepts in Economics book series


China and Globalisation: 4 volume series of the leading research on the topic of China's economy and globalisation, published by Routledge.

How China continues its integration with the global economy is one of today’s crucial questions, both for China’s own growth prospects and for the rest of the world contending with the still numerous developmental challenges of the world’s second-largest economy. In the first thirty years after it emerged from central planning, gradual opening to the world economy formed an integral part of China’s market-orientated reforms. Understanding the effect of trade and investment integration on China’s growth is essential for assessing the sustained development of China.


China's Macroeconomic Policy: 4 volume series of leading research articles on the topic of China's macroeconomic policy developments, published by Routledge.

How China's economic policies have changed and are changing still in the world's second largest economy will affect the global economy. From exchange rates to fiscal policy, Chinese reforms have developed gradually to transform the country from one dominated by the state's central planning apparatus to one with more nuanced policies designed to manage an increasingly market-based economy. Most of the key reforms occurred in the past couple of decades, with key policy regime changes in the past few years. For instance, the RMB regime was set up in 1994, then moved to a trade-weighted basket of currencies in 2005 and then came the latest policy geared at internationalisation of the RMB. All of which have significant effects on the global reserve currency regime. The main topics to be covered will include exchange rates, trade, investment, fiscal policy, monetary policy, financial regulation, and GDP. 

An intermediate macroeconomics textbook with an international focus, including on the UK, U.S., EU, is co-authored with Graeme Chamberlin. It is a recommended textbook of the UK Government Economic Service (GES). Details and purchase information can be found here on the publisher's website which also includes an instructor's manual and an additional web-based chapter on the economics of development or from Amazon.

This edited volume comprises a set of papers examining the cutting-edge legal, economic and cross-disciplinary issues surrounding globalisation and the challenges of the 21st century. Contributors include: Robert Bird (University of Connecticut), Federico Bonaglia (OECD), Jorge Braga de Macedo (New University of Lisbon), Maurizio Bussolo (World Bank), Graeme Chamberlin (UK Office for National Statistics), Thomas Cottier (University of Berne), Kamala Dawar (University of Amsterdam School of Law), Axel Dreher (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Peter Holmes (University of Sussex), Michael Intriligator (University of California at Los Angeles),Raphael Kaplinsky (Open University), Ernst-Ulrich Petersmann (European University Institute of Law) and Razeen Sally (London School of Economics and Political Science), among others. 

‘The diversity of author backgrounds, coupled with an assortment of provocative insights, makes this book a useful tool for delving into the meat of globalization, providing a succinct but authoritative overview of the underpinnings necessary to appreciate the who, what, where, and when of globalization.’ – American Society of International Law

Purchase information can be found here on the publisher's website or Amazon.

The future of Asia is a notable question explored in this book through contributions from economists from Asia, Europe, America, the World Bank and the U.S. Federal Reserve. This edited volume explores the future development of the Asian region including the export-led model of growth. The rise of China and its geopolitical implications starts the book and is followed by detailed analyses of the evolving patterns of regional and global trade patterns. Case studies of China's impact on rich, middle income, poor as well as other emerging economies (India, Russia) are assessed. 

Purchase information for the hard or paperback versions can be found here on the publisher's website or Amazon. It is also available in Kindle.



Globalisation and the opening up of China have had a significant effect on economic growth. China's integration into the global economy has also fundamentally changed the structure of the rest ofthe world. This edited volume with Yang Yao of Peking University includes a number of leading scholars who analyse the impact of China rapid ascent to become the world's biggest trader. 

Purchase information can be found here on the publisher's website or from Amazon.

Routledge Economic Growth and Development Series: I am pleased to have started this new book series published by Routledge. The aim is to publish books that apply rigorous economic analysis to issues in economic growth and development. The scope includes regional and country-specific studies, as well as cross-country comparisons, to robustly examine the evidence surrounding the pressing and interesting questions on the growth prospects of developed and developing countries. Submissions to: and please include: 1. Annotated Table of Contents; 2. Biography of author(s); 3. Competing books.